Regular classes-related FAQs

What is the validity of the regular yoga class package once I've paid for it?

The sessions are valid only for one month from the date the session begins. There will be no extension on the package beyond a month.

Do you offer private sessions in yoga and dance?

Yes we do have private yoga, dance and other fitness class options that you can book.

Can you arrange private classes at a home for a person or at an office for a group of corporates?

Yes, we absolutely can.

Can we do walk-in classes?

Yes, we offer walk-in class options for most of our regular classes.

Can one join classes and pay up for packages anytime of the month? Is it compulsory to join at the beginning of every month?

Yes, you can join at anytime. There’s no compulsion to join on the first of a month. However, you will have to complete the package within a month from your date of joining.

I am pregnant, can I come for a group class?

We offer special prenatal and postnatal yoga classes designed by Tanvi Mehra, who is certified to teach these classes.

I have an injury/ailments/ medical condition can I still do yoga?

It’s best for you to come and meet our founder, Tanvi Mehra at our studio and she will advise you once she sees you. We do conduct special private medical yoga classes to help the body heal and become stronger.

If I have paid for a package can I use the package to come for different classes or only the class I have initially paid up for?

The package only applies to the class you have paid for. You can’t use the package for all classes. You have to enrol for different classes separately.

How can I receive information about your classes and workshops?

Sign up for our emails or Whatsapp bursts by subscribing to our newsletter. You can also follow us on Instagram for updates.

Workshop-related FAQs

When are workshops held?

We host workshops on every weekend of the year.

Are workshops open to everyone and suitable for all levels?

Workshops are open to all levels, unless specified otherwise.

If I pay for a weekend workshop, but can’t make it, is the amount refundable or can I carry forward the payment for another workshop?

No, we don’t offer refunds and nor can you carry forward the payment.

If I cannot make it for a workshop that I have paid for, can a friend of mine come in my place?

Yes, a friend can take your place at the workshop on the day that you booked for. We will not carry forward the fee for another workshop. Also, prior notice is required in such a case.

Can I come for a workshop through on-the-spot registration? Do I need to give you notice in advance?

We do offer on-the-spot registration, however you have to inform us that you will be attending and paying on the spot or else we won’t allow attendance.

Can we bring along a friend or family member to watch the workshops that we have enrolled for?

No, we do not allow that.

What if we wish to conduct a workshop?

Please get in touch with us. Mail or call 9867369960.

Rent-related FAQs

Can we rent out the studio on weekdays and weekends?

Yes, we will let you know the available times when you call us.

Can we rent TAS for birthdays and parties?

No, we don’t rent out our studio for personal occasions unless the celebration involves a private dance or fitness workshop.

How can we book the studio?

Through prepayment. Once the rent is received, we do not offer refunds on cancellations.

Studio rules to bear in mind, once you have rented the space:

·      Please keep the studio the same way it was when you entered it.

·      Both air-conditioners need to be switched off before leaving the studio.

·      All the lights need to be switched off before leaving the space.

·      The main door must be closed upon leaving.

·      The water dispenser must be tightly sealed after each class.

·      The music system needs to be switched off.

In the event that we find any of these unattended to, a penalty fee of ₹2,000 will be charged over and above the rent.