Ashtanga & Hatha Vinyasa (IN-STUDIO)

with Tanvi Mehra

Tanvi’s yoga classes are a smooth blend of traditional and modern approaches of teaching including hatha, Iyengar, ashtanga, yin and vinyasa styles. She focuses on alignments, breath, posture holds and combines mobility and strength work to make the classes holistic. In addition to daily yoga classes, on Sundays she conducts yoga workshops based on specific themes and parts of the body. It is open to all levels and is ideal for those who wish to build a long, consistent and advanced practice in the long-run. 

Monday | Wednesday | Friday

7 am to 8:30 am (Open Level)


₹800/- for 1 session
₹5000/- for 8 sessions
₹4000/- for 6 sessions

Get in touch with us via Whatsapp on 9867369960 to get details about how you can join our online classes.